Shipping & Returns


Custom made-to-order and delivered to your door in an average of 3-6 Weeks, though exceptions may apply.

Dolls are shipped from our factories via UPS, FedEx or DHL at the factories discretion unless otherwise requested. International orders are shipped via UPS with pre-paid fees whenever possible.

Fraud prevention rules allow us to only ship to the verified billing address. The only exception is if you want the doll to be delivered to a UPS or FedEx store for you to pick-up. If you would like to have your doll shipped to a UPS or FedEx location, please enter the UPS or FedEx Store number and address as the shipping location during check out.

Your doll will be delivered directly to your doorstep discreetly packaged in a plain unmarked cardboard box.

Customs Agents may open and inspect your doll during transport.

A signature is required for delivery.

Places we do not ship

Due to import laws we do not ship dolls under 140cm to the United Kingdom or Norway.

Due to import laws, we do not ship to Islamic countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, or Brazil.

Customs Fees for orders outside the USA

UPS with pre-paid taxes is used to ship whenever possible. In some countries (mainly Canada) UPS with pre-paid taxes is not an available option. In these instances, customs fees may be required by your particular country and are the responsibility of the buyer.